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My name is Libin George (Specialist Nurse - Anesthesia and Critical Care).


I am the founder of Care with Concept GmbH and would like to introduce you to our work. I have made it my goal to place qualified nurses from countries beyond Europe in hospitals in Germany. My concept has already been successfully implemented in several clinics, even with more than 7000 employees.


  • Many years of experience in the health and care industry in India, UAE and Germany

  • Know-how with regard to opportunities and obstacles of foreign recruitment

  • intercultural competence and advice in the native language

  • Transparency to clients and recruited caregivers

  • Individual concepts tailored to the needs of customers and nursing staff

Our Services

  • Professional preparation of the nursing staff tailored to the individual requirements, coaching and preparation of the nursing staff in the home country, recommending the appropriate station and area of responsibility

  • Around the world, many Indian nurses work in modern clinics with the highest international standards. Furthermore, all nurses go through a strict filter before starting work with a complex professional recognition. Training is made easier thanks to years of professional experience in modern clinics, even in sensitive areas of care such as emergency rooms and operating theatres.

  • Recruiting from abroad offers the following advantages:

  • Completion of a 4-year bachelor's degree

  • Frequent work experience in modern, international clinics

  • Successful integration through cultural proximity

  • High standards of ethical recruitment


Our services


  • Checking application documents for eligibility for recognition

  • Translation of CVs

  • Compilation of applications for our clients

  • Review of the integration effort

  • Presentation of suitable job offers for applicants

  • If interested, transfer of the applicant profile to the clinic/facility


  • Support of employment contracts, employment documents, rental contracts, etc.

  • Organization and assistance in the recognition procedure as a nurse in Germany

  • Professional preparation of the nursing staff tailored to the individual requirements

  • Depending on the professional requirements of the nurse, recommend the appropriate ward and area of responsibility

  • Support in clarifying accommodation (flat share/own room, apartment, with families)

  • Cultural and professional integration support

  • Technical language training for nursing staff

  • Accompaniment of the new workers in dealing with authorities and matters necessary for the lifestyle, e.g. E.g. registration, opening a bank account, health insurance, mobile phone, internet

  • Maintaining contact and reliable communication with the nursing staff and hospitals


Care with Concept's extensive range of recruitment agencies for nursing staff from abroad ensures that recruited employees feel well looked after.

Our integration offer includes:

  • Promotion of private integration

  • Station visits with feedback talks

  • Coaching and preparation of the nursing staff in their home country (via video call)

  • Explaining cultural differences

  • Job search and support for dependents

  • Contact person for questions, concerns, conflicts


Jomsy Shaji Varkey

Als ich und meine Famile nacvh Deustchland kam war Libin eine Grösse unterstutzung für Uns

Krankenpfleger aus Kempten

Tincy Thomas

"Er hat sich um alles gekümmert und ich musste mir keine Sorgen um meine Anerkennung und meine zukünftige Arbeit machen

Krankenschwester aus Frankfurt

Happy Paul Manjaly

ch habe mich bei Libin sehr gut aufgehoben gefühlt. Ich bin froh und dankbar durch ihn einen tollen Arbeitsplatz gefunden zu haben
Uniklinikum Frankfurt

Care with Concept - Warum wir?

Warum wir

many years of experience in the health and care industry in India


many years of experience in the health and care sector

Germany as a specialist nurse

(anesthesia and intensive care)

Insight into everyday clinical life and the wards of the mediated clinics

Know-how with regard to opportunities and obstacles

foreign recruitment

intercultural competence as well

native language advice

Transparency to clients and recruited caregivers

Individual, tailored to the needs of clients and caregivers

coordinated concepts


Team Bildung

Technical preparation of

Caregivers matched to the



Coaching and preparation of

Nursing staff already in

Home country, matching station and

Recommend job

With expertise and experience at

entire recognition process

support and clinic search,

specialist advice,

visa matters,

specialist advice on language skills,

administrative matters

Cultural and professional

integration support

Station visits with feedback


contact person for questions,

issues, conflicts

Team building measures for

safe start in everyday ward life




Care with Concept GmbH

Hauptstraße 50
35614 Aßlar 

Tel no : +491629153292
email :

Vielen Dank für das Einreichen!

High Fives

Gütesiegel – „Faire Anwerbung Pflege Deutschland“ mit Care With Concept GmbH

Care with Concept is in the process of recognition for the seal of approval
Enclosed the KDA Brochure to view.

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