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Complaint Management

We want to constantly improve our services.

We want to constantly improve our services.
We ask for your support in this regard. Share your criticism, suggestions and opinions with us! You can do this in a personal meeting, by letter and email or by telephone. Use one of these possibilities - we look forward to your reaction!

If you need advice and help, you can contact us with confidence. of course we are bound to Discretion.

We can Support you to 

inform you of your rights and obligations

Help you raise your issues with us or the service provider

Support you at every stage of the complaints process.

We will investigate matters, research causes, shed light on things that are unclear.
- want to learn, improve, absorb ideas and suggestions.
- can sympathize, ask for understanding, apologize.

Your contact - Mr. Libin George

What's next


Complaint Notification
5 - 10 Min

Review of the notification
1 bis 2 Werktage

2 - 3 Tage

Finding Solutions

Contact US

Phone Number

+49 162 9153292


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Mr. George is your contact person for this, he will get back to you in the course of this day.”
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